(Video) Slow Walkers in DC


Inspired by a genius video showing how to deal with slow walkers in Japan, we took to some of DC’s most notoriously crowded corridors to see if pedestrians in Georgetown and Chinatown were as receptive to the hint as those in Tokyo.

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(Twitter Roundup) DC Humble-ish Brags


Humblebrag (\ˈhəm-bəl \ˈbrag\): A subtle self promotion that’s often tempered with a transparent show of humility to achieve the desired effect of, “Hey, world: I’m awesome.”
You’ve seen the great Twitter feed. Now take a look at our HumblebragDC roundup… Continue reading

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A Tree in DC

Christmas Tree in DC

Every year something like a bajillion Christmas trees are purchased in Washington DC, but how often do people take the time to really get to know their tree? We’re not entirely sure of the answer, but we assume it’s not … Continue reading

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Merry District of Columbus Day!


Just because we still have to work, doesn’t mean that Columbus Day er… Indigenous People Day, isn’t a real holiday. Here’s how we break it down in SocialStudies tradition. What are your plans for Columbus Day?

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Sumos Scale Metro’s Longest Escalator


Unless you’re escalator aficionados like us, you probably weren’t aware that the DC Metro boasts the longest escalator in the Western hemisphere. We’re not mathematicians, but that’s approximately half the world. This 230-foot monster takes 2 minutes and 45 seconds to scale. … Continue reading

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Capital Cribs


Ever wandered past an apartment building or rowhouse in our dear District and wondered what lay inside? Well, wonder no further: Welcome to Capital Cribs, a recurring feature where we take you inside the homes of ordinary DC residents to see how … Continue reading

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