Marijuana’s Unlikely Ally


The unlikely story of how an 81-year-old TV televangelist/former presidential candidate/man who has claimed that he has the power to deflect hurricanes and tornadoes through prayer has just aligned himself with everyone we went to college with… Continue reading

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Joseph Kony is a Ugandan war criminal responsible for the rape, abduction, and mutilation of countless children, but until today, most of the world had no clue who he was. Now, thanks to the activism of a group called Invisible … Continue reading

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FBI Descends on Penn Quarter


No, we’re not talking about the Spy Museum… A sea of firetrucks, policemen, and hazmat-clad FBI agents are surrounding the 900 block of F Street NW to investigate a suspicious package in the building that houses Amorini Panini. We took … Continue reading

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Today in History: Leap Day Edition


Happy (cold and wet) Leap Day, DC! According to Wikipedia, the following things occurred on this, the most holy of days that falls on years that are evenly divisible by four: -1504: – Christopher Columbus uses his knowledge of a lunar eclipse at night to convince Native … Continue reading

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