(Exclusive Deal) Steve Case’s TOASTERSTER


Exclusive Deal Coming This Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!

Owning a toaster is a never-ending hassle, and if you had a (pumper)nickel for every time you’d been burned, you’d be rolling in dough. We’d like to propose a toast to get you out of your jam: Pay $25 to rent a toaster for up to two slices of bread per day with a one-year membership to Toastersters, plus entry into the Loaf-of-the-Month Club (a $50 value). More portable than ovens, toasters are the perfect appliance to bring home after a long day’s work, when all you want to do is heat things up with a buttery slice of rye. You’ll also get to take advantage of one of Toastersters’s 6,500 nationwide centers, which boast toasters with 850 watts of power, extra-wide slots, and removable crumb trays. Ease into a warm toaster-sharing community and challah – because this deal is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you don’t take our word for it, take Steve Case’s and Stephen Colbert’s…